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Refugees in the Mediterranean

We live in a time when our leaders and politicians fail to think radically. Europe is currently in the midst of one of the largest migrant crises it has ever seen, and yet the UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, refuses to contemplate a solution which is adequately radical for the magnitude of the problem. Cameron, with apparently much reluctance, has decided to admit only “a few hundred” Syrian refugees. Those who are being given refuge in the UK are exclusively from states neighbouring Syria itself (as opposed to refugees who have already arrived in Europe). This therefore does not aid other European states, who are currently under the strain of the sheer number of refugees entering their countries. As with many other areas since being elected in 2010, Cameron’s solution to this problem appears to be another quick fix – an attempt to assuage concerns from voters until public opinion on the matter fades away, leaving the initial problem completely unresolved. There is a serious deficiency in UK politics when the answers provided by our leaders to pressing questions like these are so limited.

The opposition Labour Party, meanwhile, has recently elected Jeremy Corbyn as its new leader. While Corbyn’s views and policies appear to be very different to those of his predecessors or the leadership of the Conservative Party, he too appears to lack answers to many of the problems the UK is facing today, with many of his policies seemingly crafted for a different age. In addition, the ideological gulf between Corbyn and Cameron may make debate between the two of them meaningless, with each of them pouring scorn on the other’s position instead of making a joint effort to fulfil the needs and desires of their citizens.

I have started this blog because I believe that we need some new ideas to solve the problems that people face today; to improve the freedoms and rights of every individual citizen in the UK; and to create a fairer and more cohesive society. As in other areas like science and technology, I believe political progress is a possibility and a necessity: new ideas can build upon those that have gone before to forge a better society. As a result, we should take a look at the world as it is now and see how we can make it better, rather than trying to impose any outdated ideology onto reality. The aim of the blog is to draw on research into these exciting new policy ideas and present them in a way which is accessible to everyone.

One such idea is the Citizen’s Income, my first on this blog. As our employment patterns become more flexible and our lives more precarious, a Citizen’s Income would be a radical idea which would improve the lives of many. I have had a great time researching and reading about the Citizen’s Income, and it is such a potent idea that I have become a passionate advocator for it – the reasons for which will no doubt be the subject of another post in the future.


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